It all started in 1962 when Filipino Fredy Melian received a free ticket to Spain from Swissair for being a frequent flier on the airline. Melian was employed by the Ayala Corporation in Makati (now part of MetroManila, Philippines), and this company was the owner of many very upscale and exclusive housing developments like Forbes Park. The president of Ayala was Joseph McMicking, and he asked his cousin Melian to look for a suitable area by the Mediterranean for the company to build an exclusive resort. The land had to have one kilometer of coastline, abundant water, and easy access to an airport. Melian traveled along the whole Mediterranean coast of Spain on a motorcycle before he found what he liked. Melian returned to Makati with all his data. McMicking and his nephews Jaime and Enrique Zobel chose the property called Finca Paniagua in San Roque, close to Gibraltar. The Spanish authorities approved the development, which would be called Sotogrande. The property had an area of 1800 hectares.

In 1965 the polo club was built and named La Playa. Soon after that there were many major polo tournaments played in the club. Today there are nine polo grounds and the most important tournaments are the Gold Cup and the Silver Cup. About 45,000 persons attend the tournaments every year. Sotogrande became a gathering place of Spanish and international jet-setters, highfliers, respectable celebrities and even royalties.
In our days Sotogrande, one of the most luxurious spots and prestigious residential developments in Europe. Some call it “Spanish Venice”, others “mini Beverly Hills”. Its 2,500 hectares encompass all amenities and facilities you could imagine: Polo, Yacht, Golf and Beach clubs, incredible bars and restaurants, shopping areas, excellent bilingual kindergartens and international schools.

When it comes to property, Sotogrande is an architectural showcase, with styles varying from classic Mediterranean and traditional Andalucian to Avant guard, midcentury postmodern, 21st century contemporary and even more unusual designs…

Our company is ready to offer you decent options as apartments, town houses in the port of Sotogrande, as well as chic Mediterranean-style villas, elegant neoclassical houses and of course the modern avant-garde

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